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About Us

Based on the High Street in the fenland market town of Chatteris, we provide an outlet for local crafters and small businesses to sell their products.

We are a family run business providing an outlet for local crafters and other small businesses on their sales journey, but we didn't start out that way.


Originally starting our journey as Meltsy Mumma making handmade wax melts as a hobby.  This quickly turned into a small business starting our sales journey.  Selling locally and at craft fairs we learned new skills in sales and gained much needed experience in customer service.  During this time we became aware of a popup shop opportunity on the local Chatteris high street and decided to give it a go, joining them for our own popup shop.  This was successful and we were quick to learn the benefit of selling on a high street and joined them permanently in June 2021 as a concession holder.  Unfortunately the shop reached a point in December 2021 where it was to close.  Realising the loss this would be, not just to us, as a small crafting business, but to the wider community we decided to reach out to the building owner with a intention to re-open the business ourselves.

We re-opened the shop on 1st March 2022, some of the original crafters and small businesses joining us from day one.  With happy customers returning, it was clear we had might the right decision.  More concession holders began to join us shortly after launch.  Since then, whilst some concession holders have left us, many more have joined us, with some starting their sales journey for the first time.

Having completed our first year of trading we have now gathered a lot of information from our experiences and are in the process of making improvements to our shop that will be for the good of customers and concession holders.

We are looking forward to being here for crafters, local business and customers for many more years to come.

Here at Concessions @28 we aim to provide customers and concession holders with:

  • A modern and spacious shop layout 

  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • A focus on our Local crafters and businesses

  • 0% commission sales for concession holders 

  • Monthly sales statements to all our concession holders

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