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Our Fragrances

Mummas Hugs

A beautiful blend of apple blossom, lily of the valley & rose

Coffee Caramel Cream

Fresh coffee with a smooth blend of warm caramel and rich cream.  


An ambery oriental fragrance with fruity top notes of bergamot and cassis.

Teatree & Mint

Cool and stimulating sweet peppermint and spearmint infused with tea tree.

Breathe Easy

Distinctive top notes of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol

Nag Champa

An exotic blend of florals, spices and resins from India. A popular incense fragrance.

Boyfriend Snuggles

A fresh uplifting accord with top notes of pine, lemon and eucalyptus, on a heart of forest fruits, winter Jasmine, lavender and cooling menthol, on a base of amber, musk and moss.

Marks Peach Cobbler

Juicy peaches sprinkled with cinnamon and baked to perfection


An aromatic scent with top notes of bergamot, lemon, cassis, incense, pink pepper and juniper.

Wedding Day

A sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits.

Our products come in a range of fragrances.  New fragrances are being added all the time so, please check here often.

Please ensure you check our stockists regularly to find out if a
product is available to purchase in your desired fragrance.


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