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Flying Fen Tigers

Victoria Darville

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Flying Fen Tigers arose in 2010 in Cambridgeshire out of a personal career in horticulture and a love of ecology. Little did we know back then a hobby could be so versatile and have so many natural health benefits. We now aim to spread the honey bee love to all.

Our apiaries are based at two sites in the heart of Fenland with our honey bees managed organically, totally chemical free with their well-being in mind. After studying apiculture we hold a number of recognised beekeeping qualifications, showing trophies from district associations and often give lectures in beekeeping to local groups.

Our prized honey is lovingly hand extracted across the seasons. This provides a full range of multi floral fair which is colour coded for seasonal recognition. Our honeys are ideal for easing allergies and other respiratory complaints as well as being great to eat, it’s darn tasty. We have a solid base of local return customers. It comes in two jar sizes, 227g & 340g. There are many textures and strengths to choose from catering for all tastes. During mid summer we also occasionally have a selection of comb honeys for honey lovers wanting a bit of luxury.

All our beeswax produce results from our careful honey processing methods. It is highly prized, therefore collected, solar melted and filtered many times, resulting in the finest quality of natural Fenland beeswax. This wax is then used in a multitude of items: candles (moulded, hand dipped, hand rolled), luminaries (hand made floating candles), ingots, beeswax wraps and wood polish. We can also make larger quantities to order.

Both our honey and wax have been combined to create a growing new collection of all natural health and beauty items. These artisan products are made with skin supporting scents and botanicals of English Native Flora. Currently we offer, lip salves, body balms, soaps, muscle rubs. For the future we aim to add skin ointments, moisturising creams, bath melts and much more.

We also create original hampers which can be personalised for gifts. A few are: honey lovers hamper/basket, gift pack, health & beauty hamper/basket and a mead (honey wine) making kit.

All our packaging is recyclable, please return our jars to source, as we can sterilise and reuse these, all health products are free from animal testing. We offer a greener ecologically aware trading standpoint.

Please see our space at Concessions and Facebook page for new additions and future workshop information.

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Flying Fen Tigers
Flying Fen Tigers
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